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FRANKL, ANDREW is a native of Hungary, who currently lives in Marin and London. Frankl left Hungary in 1956 and ended up in the U.K., where he attended the University of Sheffield. He worked at Ford and has stayed on the automotive/sports track ever since. Frankl was the owner, publisher and writer of CAR Magazine (bit like Car & Driver in the US). He launched two magazines on trucks—as in big rigs—sold the company and ended up in California. Currently he is Grand Prix editor and feature writer of FORZA, a Ferrari magazine published in Novato, CA and European Bureau Chief

of the Autochannel, an automotive site established in 1995.Autochannel, an automotive site established in 1995. His radio work includes co-hosting a car show here in the Bay Area. He also works for Hungarian TV/radio-Grand Prix racing and the Olympics. He looks forward to London 2012!


Certainly in Monaco the QP is a smash hit every time and the policeman always salutes when I go up to the Palace for Prince Albert's annual cocktail party the evening before the Grand Prix. This year it was a little bit different as the topics were not so much the race as the forthcoming wedding which you will have read about by now.

The other topic was a soccer game which was taking place between Barcelona and Manchester United for a major European trophy at the same time as the reception. Now don't get me wrong, drinking Tattinger champagne in the Palace whilst munching on delicious canapés is not exactly awful but not when the biggest game is on. What can one do other than ask the Prince for help. Leave it to me he said, I would like to watch the game as well. So, a few minutes later we were ushered into a room which had a huge color TV and a fully functioning bar. Ask yourself-how do you beat watching the European Cup Final in the Palace with the Prince in charge of the bar behind the counter?!

The room has a grand piano and a complete drum kit, apparently this is where the late and much loved Princess Grace used entertain old chums such as Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin and other members of the Rat Pack. Beats testing a Toyota Corolla every time! Not that I've had to endure that too often thank God.


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